Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A weathered mind

Fluffy clouds, my thoughts, on a clear sky,
my mind. The Sun of cheer shines. It smiles.
A current of mild despondence, then, passes by
and manifests itself in my prized, white thoughts.
And they age. The scepter of morbidity lingers.
A tinge of ashen gray...No, not a silver lining!

Eventually, a slight drizzle cools the humid mind.
Soon turns into a mad hailstorm- icy, hard and merciless.
The endless thread of rain seems to flow out of my eyes,
and I fail to see past the little drops of heaven.
The ravages of the calamity, I can still easily witness,
And a queer chill runs down my spine. Oddly comforting.

The sun decides makes its warm presence felt.
Peeps through the white wisps of cloud and smirks!
The Golden Goddess, it rises above the lesser mortals,
and with a swish of her dainty wand, drives the rain away!
The clear yonder twinkles with boundless delight,
and the lone feather of joy travels, happily, to the sky...

Monday, August 24, 2009

A mighty wanderer

The minuscule speck of dust that lay,
on a winding road that led nowhere,
seemed so contented and lost in thought,
I could not help but cogitate, with a smile
at the loveliness of my muse's quiet life.
It has no map to consult, no globe to rotate.
No signpost to mark its journey along the way.
Only the invisible staircase of current,
that leads it upwards to the mighty Heavens!

Lifted with force by the seductive clouds,
and fondled lovingly by the soft breeze.
It escapes the deadliest traps with ease,
slips past the sternest of barriers with a smirk!
It dissolves not in the deepest of oceans.

It wanders about the avenues of Life aimlessly,
and, boy, how I envy that little speck of dust!

I Refrain…

Your unabashed silence cut through my heart like a chainsaw,
Even the sharpest of words would never hurt as much.
The sea of distance between your heart and mine,
Can be swum and conquered with immense delight.
And, yet, I am afraid; hesitant; Fearful
of drowning myself in that bottomless sea of sorrow.

I often wonder how the world beyond this vast sea is.
Green, peaceful, cloudless and pure
Or, hazy, rueful, dark and dirty
I wish to discover, I wish to experience.
And, yet, I am afraid; hesitant; fearful
of losing myself in the wilderness of knowledge.

You will eventually come close and hold my hand.
Out of love or despondence I know not.
Sheer perplexity questions my ability to love. At all.
And, so, I am afraid; hesitant; fearful
of extending a hand that you, my dear, can clutch at all times.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I watched life pour out of your dark eyes,
And I watched your mouth twitch and turn.
I smelt the fragrance of cheer you perspired
And I felt the softness of innocence on your cheek.
The ghosts of my past were scared of you,
The skeletons in my closet turned to dust.
No passing cloud dreamt of casting a shadow,
And the countless bubbles of love refused to burst.
Each time our eyes met, instant sparks flew,
And I burnt the corpse of my sordid past.

Now i watch the smouldering ashes of Yesterday,
And I begin to swivel in a queer conundrum.
Delve into the future or dwell upon the past?
How can I let go of my origin?
Can I give up on my past?
Do I want a clean slate to scribble on?
Do I need the lonely walks in the rain?

Go away, you nascent love of mine!
The permanence of life tempts me to resist.
The comfort of the known binds me to it.
I am going back to where I belong.
Here I go. Goodbye.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Rational Fool!

He contorted Belief and other fairytales,
Trusted core reality and hard truths of Life,
He mocked the sensuality of disorder,
Misunderstood the hilarity of embarrassment,
He comprehended not the serenity in chaos,
And heard not the silence amidst the cacophony,
He perceived stunning logic in life’s every sphere,
But overlooked the magnificence of impracticality,
Rational Fool, O Rational Fool!
The melody of life he could never hum!
Rational Fool, O Rational Fool!
The elixir of simplicity he could never taste!

All in a day's work

A sprig of fresh mint; a refreshing glance,

A crumpled t-shirt; a crumbling memory,

A broken fragile twig; a shattered illusion,

two used coffee mugs and a recent conversation,

A repetitive phrase; a bold statement,

A familiar shyness; a mental block,

A growing anxiety; distinctly reddening cheeks,

A bead of sweat on my brow; the exhaustion within me,

A stray remark; politically incorrect!

A petulant scream; a hoarse cackle,

A forced, sweet smile; a furrowed brow,

An odd nascent bondage; a buried bond,

An unchanging truth; an accepted belief,

Distinction, differentiation and design,

Life comes a full circle…all in a day’s work.