Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Fall Of A Flight

Fully awake, unable to move, I lay on the cliff- waiting
for a gust of wind to blow my sordid life away, while
the scent of death lurked in the air- Ah! The fragrance!
A speck in the yonder, you flew across the sky of my life,
And felt myself elevate, trying to catch up with you.
Gravity had its way, as I fell back-incapable of flight.
Just when I thought I would smoothly crash and die,
I felt the warm softness of his mighty arms around me.
And I watched you soar upwards to the Eternal Light,
as I watched my wispy hopes fall into the pits of Darkness...
And disappear.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A trodden flower- part 1

I found you strewn across the narrow street,
So fresh, so dewy, so fine- you seemed to be,
that I couldn't resist taking you in my arms,
and fondling your loveliness till my fingers ached
with the agony of sheer familiarity and sensuality.
Like a gust of wind, I took you with me- far away.
Held you tight, warm and safe in my strong fist.
Later, I lay you across the musty, dark pages
across which were splattered sonnets of love,
and quietly wished that the hue of love would
keep you from discolor, death and decay.