Thursday, July 9, 2009

It was fun while it lasted.

It snapped without a sound.
Discreetly; without much of a fuss.
We stretched it too far, for too long
And it broke without any hesitation.

We had left it out in the wild,
Vulnerable, distinctly unprotected.
The wilderness had its bold say.
And we lost it to the wild wolves.

We had thrown it into the deep, dark sea,
Even when it did not how to swim.
We watched it sink and breathe its last.
Its unwanted carcass still lies beneath the waters.

We had left it alone, without an explanation.
It wandered alone aimlessly. Afraid.
It came by the crossroads of our life, so very oft.
And always took the wrong turn.

Now I look back and smile slyly,
A smile, that I share only with myself.
A rush of familiar intimacy runs through me,
Admit it, dear, it was fun while it lasted.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

As I shove you into your tiny grave,
I feel numb with guilt and penitence.
My love, I am sorry I could not protest,
I could not protest against your destiny.
You were not just a bundle of joy,
But a basket of hope, a flag of pride,
A concoction so sweet, so mild…
I wish I could watch you grow up.
Grow up to be a star, so shiny, in the vast sky!
A star that I could never hope to be,
A star that, now, you can never become.

Worry not, golden child of mine,
You are going to the fluffy clouds above.
No nightmare could chase you there,
No bully can menacingly follow.

Fear not, my sweet little bird!
I have freed you from worldly misery.
The same pain and misery that I felt,
That unfortunate night you were conceived.
You are not the result of love and longing.

Regret not, my infantile shadow,
This world is not what it seems to be.
No clouds of happiness to ride upon,
No cheery sunshine to reach out to.

So stealthily you were born within me,
Your unborn laughter still floods my ears,
Your cheeky smile I can almost see!
To touch you, would be to taint you.
I refrain. You are the purest part of me.

Forget me not, O dear.
I shall fondle your memories forever.
Visit the Land Of Love and Peace,
Convey my tearful regards to Him.

I wish I could just let you be,
But ‘sense’ begs me to let you go,
And there you go…..