Monday, September 28, 2009

My refuge

With open arms, it breathlessly waited.

Waited for my dreams to crash and shatter.

For then, I would run like the mighty wind

And fall into its vacant, restless arms.

It feigned no concern, no care- nothing at all.

Like a solid structure of hope, it stood.

Against all tempest, and the austere heat.

Its unmoving gait made me sprint with joy.

No care in the world, I seemed to pursue.

No purpose in my mind, no doubts in my heart.

Almost as if it knew what was coming,

What was being hurled at it so mercilessly?

It showed no disdain, no surprise. Presumption?

The poison in my words pierced its thick trunk.

My solitary refuge smiled, and let one tear flow,

As I cried, endlessly, into the labyrinthine night.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Awaiting a Name

Not even during the wildest of moments,
Could there be such cool under the collar.
As one feigned a delicate, measured aplomb,
The world for the other began to fall apart.
Little by little, bittersweet moments frayed,
So did tempers, so did the never-ending days.
And then, the dance of music came to life!
A satin world appeared before my keen eyes,
and a slippery floor beneath my dainty feet.
I would lose my sanity, if I were sane,
As I have lost my pride, and myself, in vain.
The hues of magnificence came to the rescue.
And ruled the kingdom of belief and beauty
As I watched simplicity take its flight, with glee, and
Soar above them and perch itself on top of the world.

In Bloom

As nimble as the first steps of a baby,

The flower of my passion, seemed to grow.

Never did it threaten to wilt or wither,

Always carried with it insurmountable glow.

Not one could trace its germination,

Not one could mark its rapid growth.

Its mellifluous laughter danced gleefully

on its delicate, white petals. Elegance.

The serenity in the heart of that flower,

I wish I could carry within my own heart.

The tempest of death would be driven away!

And the flowers of mirth would meet their bloom!

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Partition

She stood, sombre and afraid, at the threshold.
She sought a reason to cross over; to change.
She looked around for one; not one awoke.
He stood on the other side of the threshold, smiling.
His arms stretched wide open-the petals of a flower.
His twinkling brown eyes filled the sky of her life.
She found her comfort- his heart, beneath his broad chest.
Reason, then, awoke, and gently nudged her. ‘Go on’.
Trembling, she put her right leg forward; surely unsure.
An abrupt, desolate cry tapped her shoulder; a wince.
She whirled around, at once, without thinking; horror.
The phantom of forgotten antiquity had the last laugh
as the opaque gates of life shut behind her. Forever.