Friday, December 4, 2009


In bits and pieces lay stray memories,
and on the crumbling walls, your name.
The moulding edges of the walls, an ode
to the slow rotting of the Age.
A decade of separation, a mirror broke.
An ugly contraction of the beauty,
that crouched hidden in the shadows.
Shadows reflect not the treachery,
but only the goodness of the beasts!
What penance be offered to the past?
What would tempt my love to return?
Come back, from the shadows! Come!
No matter the treachery of a lifetime!
Return to me, my life! Return!
No matter how deep the scar!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Whoosh!The swish of Medusa's tresses,
A scary image that conquered blight!
Off went a humbug, chirpy and skipping,
and out came the owl, tear eyed!
The nocturnal prince blinked not,
and watched the dancing firefly.
A random spark here and there,
a pinprick of a dulcet clatter,
And the owl, suffused with love,
refused to close his eyes to the light!